Thursday, May 2, 2013

Have I mentioned that all my dreams are coming true?? And by all my dreams - I mean that we are getting out of debt. And I love it! A few months into our marriage I became a debt fighting freak. I read books about it, joined all sorts of money managing websites, read articles online constantly. It was all I thought about. Our debt loomed over me like a dark cloud. I had always known that debt is dangerous and that it is best to stay out of it, but things like long distant dating, weddings, moves, college, and cars can sometimes become temporary top priorities.

Well, we started a budget and were very aware of exactly where our money was going. It became my greatest desire to be completely debt free and stay debt free. I had accepted the reality that this could potentially take a few years. It's not that we have THAT much debt, it's just that after rent and bills and car and credit card payments and groceries and yada yada yada .. we spend all the money that we make and there just isn't that much left over to go towards savings and paying off debts in larger chunks.

Well the point here is this, we have been SO BLESSED by the Lord, loved ones, and our own hard work. It is truly amazing how you can calculate your tithing for the month or pay period and just be so overwhelmed and worry that things aren't going to all come together - and then magically pay off a whole credit card debt in a day. It's been nuts. It is the thing that makes me most happy these days. The closer we get, the more relieved and free I feel, and the more excited I get for the future (babies!).

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kassidi bridge said...

I'm taking lessons from you. You've re-motivated me to tackle ours! Debt's the worst, I hear ya. Even small amounts, or amounts that went to very good causes. You go girl!