Sunday, May 12, 2013

One year ago I was blonde, a sister missionary, and writing a boy I'd never met before named John Garlock. I received a Mother's Day package from said boy containing this incredible Hello Kitty apron.  It was a big deal. I remember thinking that it was fitting because I would probably be the mother of his children someday, sort of jokingly.. sort of honestly.

On Mother's Day missionaries get to call home and talk to their families. I literally told my mom on the phone that day, a month before coming home, that I was worried I was falling in love with someone I had never met and barely knew!

Well, one year later, I am brunette, a return sister missionary, and married to John Garlock for 7 months. For Mother's Day this year he continued the Hello Kitty tradition with this sunshade for my car.. haha.  I love him like crazy and am so grateful to be married to a good strong patient loving man.

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