Wednesday, November 19, 2014

the gift of giving life

Just as Eve was set apart to be the "mother of all living" from the foundations of the world, Adam was set apart to be the first high priest of the earth. It was Adam's divine responsibility to hold the keys and perform the saving ordinances that would bring the children of God back into His presence.

God has designed a beautiful partnership in which Adam helped Eve fulfill her mission to bring God's children into the world, after which it was Eve's turn to help Adam fulfill his mission to bring those children unto Christ, the tree of life, and back into God's presence. 

The first veil that all mankind passes through is the veil of birth, in which we are born into the world by water, blood, and the spirit. Women have a stewardship over this first veil. When Eve partook of the tree of knowledge, she became more like God, knowing good from evil and gaining the capacity to bear children. Eve's transgression "opened the matrix," as it says in Exodus 34:19, meaning the womb--the gateway through which the souls of all mankind would pass into the mortal world. The only gateway into this mortal world is through the strait and narrow way of a woman's body and the shedding of her blood. There is no other way.

The second veil is the veil we must pass through in order to reenter the presence of God and continue on our eternal journey. Men have a stewardship over this second veil. Like Adam, righteous men hold the priesthood keys and administer the ordinances that cleanse us from our sins and enable us to walk back into the presence of God. Like the first veil, the second also requires a sacrifice of blood, water, and spirit, a sacrifice that Christ made for each and every mortal.

The Gift of Giving Life


Lizzie said...

loved this. you should read, "the gift of giving life" it is full of lds authors and stories of their birth experiences. the book opens with some really fascinating insight on Eve and her divine role and how it relates to us. i think you would enjoy it. loved chatting with you last week, wish we lived closer! xo

Linda said...

great thoughts!
love it