Saturday, November 1, 2014

to move?

Lots of people have asked me when we're going to move. We are in a one bedroom. We're having a baby. Obviously we need to move right? No. We don't and we're not going to. But sometimes, when I daydream about how nice it would be to have more storage space, a washer and dryer, dishwasher, AC, doors that actually close and lock properly.. it starts to sound really nice!

So here, for my own benefit, I will make a list of all the wonderful things about where we live so I can get the "maybe we should move" thoughts out of my head.

The price is definitely right
It feels like ours - since it was a totally blank slate to begin with, we've been able to really make it fit our style by painting the walls and decorating the way we want
Great neighbors and very few complaints about the surrounding neighborhood
Extremely convenient parking situation for us and guests
Spacious living room, great for hanging out and entertaining
Corner store and grocery store are literally steps away - I can't think of all the times I've been mid meal prep and realized I need another ingredient. It takes John less than 5 minutes to run across the street and get it
Great location - close to my work, John's office, lots of shopping and restaurants

It would be such a hassle to move right? Right. Alright, I'm content again :)


Katy Pratt said...

Lindsay, I just saw your blog entry in my feed. :) Moving is the worst. Don't do it if possible and it sounds like your place is nice so don't do it. I hate moving. Moving is always the lowest point in our marriage. Clayton and I could bite each other's heads off. Ha

Plus I have friends in NY in one bedrooms with a kid. They make it work and love it. Honestly space can be just more area to clean. I would chalk that up to another pro--less to clean and straighten.


kassidi bridge said...

You're absolutely right! Babies just need food and love...not their own room :). We were in a one bedroom with Hazel for a very long time, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. It really is amazing how little you need with a baby. It all works out. SOOOO excited for you guys...hope you're feeling good.

Amber Henrie said...

Hooray for tiny living! You can do it.