Saturday, March 28, 2015

grandparents at last!

My parents will be home from their mission in a year and 3 months. This was their first time "meeting" Gordon. It was a really meaningful moment for me so I know it's going to be life changing for all of us when they finally get to hold this boy. Too cool. I can only imagine the range of emotions they might be feeling as new grandparents so far away, but I do know for certain that their service is blessing our family tremendously. Thank you guys!

John's parents were able to come see Gordon the evening he was born. In fact they got to meet him before I did! Gordon is blessed with two sets of the greatest grandparents in world history, in my opinion. He is already being spoiled with professional quality homemade quilts by Mama Caren while John and I are being taken care of and well fed. I scored the best in-laws ever basically.

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Linda said...

Linds...thanks for capturing our faces as we look at our first grandchild!
What a special moment.
I love it. The anticipation of holding and playing with Gordon in July of 2016 makes us really happy.
love you