Thursday, March 26, 2015

nicu times

When Gordon was born he was immediately taken to the NICU. It wasn't until about 6 hours later that I was able to go and meet him. This photo is of my first time seeing him since I watched the midwife lift him up and out of my body after the hour or so of pushing. I feel it an incredible privilege to have been trusted with the responsibility of caring for and raising up this sweet little boy in righteousness. We are loving him so much already. He is our world. I am being discharged this evening and we don't know yet how much longer it will be for him. But we feel a great sense of peace that all is well and he is receiving the best care and strength both from those in this world and those on the other side, like his great grandpa Gordon who he is named for. So much love and happiness here. Get better Baby G. 


Angela Stevenson said...

What a touching photo! Congrats to you both! Wishing you all the best- being a mother is absolutely amazing. Those first few weeks are the toughest but definitely the most tender!

Camille said...

Congratulations on becoming a family of three!! Get better, Godon!