Tuesday, June 9, 2015

da man

This man can make our son smile like no one else. He works hard and is incredible at what he does. He is a kind, sweet, and patient husband. He makes me laugh effortlessly and is truly my best friend. He organized our entire move to Utah and pulled it off like a pro. I am so glad I get to fall asleep next to him every night, giggling and talking about our days. We have a beautiful and incredibly blessed life together. This new position and location and adventure is turning out to be really really good and we have only our Heavenly Father's love to thank. So happy and so pleased to be married to this man and to be raising a sweet baby boy with him. I love you John and everything that you are.

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yomama said...

I do believe he did a stellar job, but don't sell yourself short little miss organization non compar!!! His end of it wouldn't have gone near as smoothly if you hadn't kept your place so tidy and clutter free, and then attacked the packing phase so early. Great job both of you!