Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One of my many imagined yet never created art series was a gallery of strangers' photos. I would dream about going door to door asking to look through old family albums, searching for lost stories and faces. I would not so much be the artist in this scenario, but the curator. Photos hold such a power to reveal the truth in the story of people's lives. A fleeting look caught just as it flashed across a person's face, an old house and the people who inhabit it, an eclectic room full of odds and ends. These moments, places, and things captured in photos have always captivated me. The way you can begin to feel you know a person just from seeing them in photos, imagining how they may have spent their days, the foods they ate, and the way they talked to their mother. This fascinates me. So here are a few shots I selected today of my dad as a kid, in honor of his birthday.

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Linda said...

lovely! thanks Lindsay! I feel much like you do...thanks for articulating it for me.