Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The other morning I noticed a million tender mercies. From finding the closest and shadiest parking spots to experiencing one of what I call a "Heaven time-warp," one thing after another just kept happening to me. That afternoon I knew why. From pints of melted ice cream spilled on the floor to tantrums from uncooperative kids, I realized that the morning was meant as a buffer to build me up for the rest of the day I was going to have.

Either way I am grateful.

Those Heaven time-warp's are the coolest. In the MTC I was so crazy busy every second of the day and concerned about being late to class. I found that miraculously ever morning I got in the shower, it was as if time stopped. It was me time. I would spend at least 20 minutes in there relaxing, praying, trying to memorize scriptures in Spanish, etc. and when I got out and back to my room I'd realize it had only been 7 minutes. This was the case every morning.

The other day it was while grocery shopping. I had this 40 minute window of time to get to the store, shop, check out, and be back to pick up one of my kiddos from an appointment. After long check out lines and loading up my car worried about how late I was going to be, I checked the time and found that I still had 15 minutes to spare. It was amazing. A Heaven time-warp.

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yomama said...

I love that you had these experiences, realized you had them and shared them. Makes my day!