Monday, March 23, 2015


How are you feeling? Let's start from the top and work our way down, shall we?

My scalp is really itchy. Pregnancy seems to have flared up my psoriasis.

Headaches are frequent, perhaps in part due to the anti-nausea medicine I'm still taking.  Also dizzy and light headed a lot of the time. Pregnancy brain is indeed real as well. I'm forgetful and clumsy like never before.

I see stars sometimes, paired with the dizzy and lightheadedness.

Nasal congestion has been pretty bad the whole pregnancy. I may have gotten addicted to afrin spray for a few weeks. Also have a weird pica for chemical smells. I could smell markers, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, etc. alllll day and not get enough of that fumey goodness.

Super dry mouth all the time, which at least motivates me to drink lots of water. But drinking 32 ounces of water a night means lots of trips to the bathroom.

Acne hasn't been too too bad but when I do get it, it's on my chin.

Chest is tight, lungs are getting pushed to their limit. I get winded just talking.

Leaky nipples for months - just nature's way of getting me ready! Also hella stretch marks.

Ribcage has for sure expanded. I get kicked up under there constantly. The pressure has made that whole area of skin really sensitive. I don't like anything touching it - so that means no bras for me if I can avoid it!

My heart always seems to be pounding. I can hear and feel the blood being pumped rapidly through my body, which sounds crazy but blood volume is up by 50% at this point. That's some thick blood.

Stomach feels like it's in my throat most of the time. Acid reflux and heartburn are almost ever present especially at night. My meals, or just stomach acid if I haven't eaten, get pushed/burped up regularly. Yum. Also still nauseous but the Zofran does wonders. I haven't thrown up in months.

My belly is an ever changing arena of activity. Baby is moving around like crazy, sometimes doing body rolls that make my stomach turn. Other times kicking so hard or pressing on my back, tailbone, or pelvis causing a lot of bone pain/pressure similar to the pain I had recovering from my hip surgery. I can't stand on one leg for longer than it takes to take a step. Walking, rolling over, maneuvering this extra 40 pounds is always challenging and painful.

Back pain is constant. Twisting to crack or pop it with a big belly is difficult.

The feeling of needing to pee is ever present. Going to the bathroom offers no relief.

Tailbone and pelvis are extremely sore. The sit down stand up transition is brutal.

Super bad sciatica at times. From my buttocks all the way down my legs is this shooting pain and weird numbness. Adds to the discomfort of walking, sitting, standing, laying down - basically any position.

Pulled my hamstring from overcompensating from a twisted ankle. Nice.

Legs and feet are crazy itchy and ridiculously difficult to access. John is sweet enough to rub lotion on them for me since I can't reach.

Weak ankles, loose tendons and ligaments leading to injury.

Swollen feet and hands. I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring since October. My toes are like little sausages. It seems to be especially bad at night. Very uncomfortable. I will sometimes get up in the middle of the night to go to the freezer and put my hands directly on the cooler ice packs. It sort of just numbs out any feeling at all and I can usually fall back asleep afterwards.

Pregnancy is just so fun and easy! ;) I really have truly loved it and cherished the experience. It's unfair of me to only post the negative things. The positives are far more compelling but seem a bit too personal and almost cliche for me to post here. It has been an overwhelmingly loving, spiritual, eye opening, and life changing in a good way experience. Maybe I will try to put my thoughts into words for a future post if this baby doesn't come in the next few days...


Lizzie said...

whew! pregnancy does the weirdest things to us, doesn't it? so excited for you to have your little man any day now! it will feel so amazing to not be pregnant anymore.

Dana said...

I can hear you telling me all these things in your hilarious way and it makes me SO SAD to be missing out on such a momentous life event for you guys! But I promise to get to CA to meet baby Garlock ASAP. Until then, PLEASE keep posting! I MISS YOUR FACE! Loves!! xxx

Emma Marie Erickson said...

I'm so relieved to read that your scalp is itchy. I've been so paranoid that I have lice for the past few weeks but alas, pregnancy is the culprit (hopefully...).

Rebecca said...

Saw from your sisters' posts on instagram that your baby came! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy this fun and exhausting newborn stage and all of the crazy hormones that come with it!

molly said...

Congrats! Baby Gordon is a gem and so handsome! Must be such a relief to be done with being 40 weeks pregnant! Your pregnancy sounded so similar to my last pregnancy even down to craving the smell of finger nail polish. Too funny, must be a baby boy thing. Congrats again!