Friday, March 20, 2015


Some observations on pregnancy, as I am officially "overdue."

I've found that many women now equate vaginal birth with the term natural birth whether or not drugs or epidural are used. I think they've just figured no one passes on the epidural anymore. And it surprises me how many assume I'll be having a c-section. They seem confused when I say I'm not planning on it.

I'm thinking about implementing what I'll call an eviction date in my future pregnancies. It's the due date plus 2 weeks, or essentially the maximum amount of time the baby can stay in there. I need a date that actually means something. The eviction date has some legitimate finality to it. You will have baby in your arms by this day, guaranteed.

40 weeks is not an ideal time to twist your ankle.

People have a hard time not telling me what they think about how I look. I am particularly not interested in hearing older men talk about how "big and low" I appear to be carrying, especially if any reference to my "birth canal" is made and how I can get the baby further into it.

Why do so many people ask how I'm feeling when they don't actually want to know? "Like I look," is my go-to response these days.

Why do people think it would be neat if I delivered on their birthday? Or their cousin's birthday even? Especially if they are just my checker at Trader Joe's? No, I'm not going to "try for the 26th." I want to assure these people that if I don't, I'm positive someone else will be having a baby that day, so not to worry. And chances are good that out of the 350,000 babies born, one of them might even be named after them too!


Rebecca said...

This is hilarious. It's always funny to me the amount of mere acquaintances that tell you that you should name your child after them. People are funny.

Angela Stevenson said...

This sounds all too familiar... Hoping that baby comes soon!!! And hope you got my gift! Love my wet bag and cloth diapers are really not that bad! I made cloth wipes too. I started around 2 months- first weeks are pretty crazy