Tuesday, May 24, 2016


You know, it's been too long. So what's up with us? Currently 13 weeks pregnant with baby number two. Won't know the gender for several weeks unless we go do an early ultrasound somewhere. Weird that we knew the gender at this point in my last pregnancy. I told people pretty early that I was pregnant - like as soon as we found out. I've over waiting until 12 weeks to tell the people I care about and want to know. Buuut with that said, I do now understand a little more of why some people wait. I used to think the ONLY reason to wait to tell people was because after 12 weeks the risk of miscarriage is greatly decreased. I figured, if I miscarry, I want my friends and family to know that I was pregnant, so there's no reason for me to wait. Which is still how I feel. Buuuuut. Pregnancy is long - and I've found that people who aren't you and aren't keeping track of what week in your pregnancy you are, expect you to have the baby a month after you tell them you're pregnant. My uncle asked me the other day, "Didn't you just have your baby?" I was like, umm yeah I guess I did just have Gordon only a year ago. But he meant my new baby. I responded, "No way, I'm due on Thanksgiving!" Anyway - it is a little exhausting having to answer the questions about how you're feeling and when are you due again for sooooooo long. Ok, moving on.

We bought a house in Springville, UT. Although I would have loved to be closer to my parents and friends in Salt Lake (we are about 40 minutes from my parents house and probably an hour or more to SLC) we really like the area and are excited to get the show on the road as far as personalizing it and moving in. We are renting it back to the previous owners until June 16 and not sure when we'll be able to move in after that.

Gordon is 14 months old. He is walking and eating all the foods he can. I have to record this stuff so that later I can refer back to what he was doing at this age because otherwise I will not remember. He is terrified of the stairs but is slowly showing more interest in them and less fear. He loves to play outside and get dirty which is a reason I can't wait to get into our house - the backyard is awesome! He says mama and dada and speaks crazy Japanese all the time. He has molars coming in and drools like crazy. Still the sweetest little boy in the world. Loves people and socializing and exploring/getting into everything.

My parents come home from their mission in one month.

Gordon and I are going to California next week.

I am still super nauseous and being pregnant is the worst. It gets better once you are obsessed with feeling the little person inside you kicking around. But it's always at least uncomfortable and usually painful. Bleh.

Someone wanna do life for me for a little bit?

John is the best.

My mom friends are the best.

Emma gets here soon.

We went to Bear Lake this past weekend spontaneously. It was nice.

Gordon has been "napping" for an hour and by "napping" I mean crying in his crib. Whyyy?? I think he's in that awkward stage where 2 naps a day is too much and 1 isn't enough. So for his afternoon nap he just cries. But I keep thinking he'll fall asleep. But before I know it it's been an hour and then I feel lame/mean/neglectful. Just doing my best!

K. I can't think of anything else. BAI!!


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Congrats! That's super exciting! - Christine :)

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